When it comes to the best combination of Authentic Contemporary & Traditional Repertoire, elegant yet vivacious parties, mastering the art of creating a cohesive group among all your party guests, catering to twelve different languages, there's none second to us in the business!

Among the languages we perform in are: Spanish, Hebrew, French, Russian, Italian, Persian, Arabic, Armenian, yes, and English.

Featuring David and the High Spirit (Formerly David & Gila's Band)
- David Yakobian

Specializing in cross-cultural events/weddings, interfaith, multi-cultral and cross-generational

Providing specialized entertainment and music for events and occasions of all types, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Bat Mitzvahs
  • Other Occasions
  • Private Parties
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Events

    We travel throughout the US and internationally

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    Recent Acknowledgement Letters

    From the Father

    Jan, 2012

    Now that the wedding has passed, Elaine and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you again for your outstanding efforts and contribution in helping ensure it's success.

    You're probably familiar with the expression from Proverbs, concerning a "woman of accomplishment" (an Eishet chayil)... "Many daughters have done well, but you surpass them all." Permit me some writers freedom if I say "many musicians have done well, but surpass them all."

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    From the Groom

    Dear David,

    Its been a little over a month since our wedding night and you, along with your band, continue to be the topic of many discussions. We danced the Hora for 45 minutes that felt so alive and full of spirit and fully reflected the joy you inject into your clients parties....and lives. If the wedding truly is the sign of things to come in a marriage, YOU helped ensure that Lori and my life together will be so joyous and alive that no-one will ever stop us dancing the Hora or the Tango.

    Our wedding was enjoyed by guests of all backgrounds....Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Budhist.....and EVERYONE came away in awe of the "Ruach" experienced on our night. Our friends from Florida described you and your band as "The best wedding entertainer they had ever seen", while our non-Jewish friends expressed their desires to dance the Hora at their weddings too. Your infusion of modern dance music, golden oldies, cultural hits and special requests truly made for a memorable night for all present. Furthermore, you always maintained a level of contact with either Lori, myself, my borther (best man) or father to ensure things ran smoothly.

    As i mentioned before, it is because of you Lori and I will always remember the joy everyone exeprienced at our wedding. We will live our lives with the memory of LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and JOY.

    We wish you all the happiness in the world, good health, and much Mazal to you and your family. Pease know that We will never forget the extra effort you put into our wedding night, or the extra gifts you provided. You are a true mensch my friend.

    All the best,

    Lori and Asher Lichterman

    Formerly David & Gila's Band.

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